Invite-only events coming to avid Pokémon Go players

Since Pokemon GO launched last year tons of fans have been awaiting the completion of the game the entire time. Though the game is no where near being completed we still have some amazing features that came along the way. Some of these features include the new nearby tracker or buddy system that allows us to play the game easier.

One feature we’ve been missing but recently got word about is the festivals or events from the community.

In an interview with Niantic’s director of software engineering, Ed Wu, he disclosed some juicy details on the upcoming update that will be hitting our smartphone devices this summer.

“I can’t talk much about exactly what we’re going to do there,” Wu told Gamereactor. “But I can say, for those players who train really hard, who go to gym and raid battles almost every day and go quite regularly, we’ll have special invitation-only events where some of the most rare and most powerful Pokémon, including legendaries, might appear.”

Details for these events are still unknown, but it seems like Niantic would like to to recognize the efforts of those players who continued to play throughout the colder months, rewarding their dedication.

More events like this one shall be added very soon as the game takes it’s road towards PvP and legendary events very soon. Some players speculated that legendary pokemon would make it’s way through the Pokemon GO Fest though it’s very unlikely as they’ll be working on a world-wide release event.



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