Latest GYM Bug: Some Of The Pokémon Are Upside Down

Yes, gyms are back and in my opinion better than ever however, with all changes to the game there is always a bug, with this one being upside down Pokémon.

Usually we have gigantic Pokémon or incredibly small Pokémon however, this is a new one.

Niantic have completely revamped the gyms to add more variety and fairness in playing the game we love.

But now we have some upside down Pokémon, which looks absolutely hilarious I have to admit.

Now this was brought to my attention on the Pokémon GO forum, Reddit’s The Silph Road, with multiple players finding these odd looking Pokémon.

One player specifically found a Snorlax on its head (because moving it before wasn’t hard enough) which many trainers found amusing.

So far this bug doesn’t seem to be exclusive to one phone, as no one has specified whether or not it has been seen on iOS or Android.

Also there haven’t really been many reports to suggest that this affects gameplay however, there was one player who said that they battled the Pokémon on its head, in the gym.

Later that comment was removed but just in case it actually did happen, keep an eye out for that.

Pokémon GO: Gym’s Are Back But Some Of The Pokémon Are Upside Down

and I’m sure Niantic are working hard to fix this, as they would be for numerous bug that would have appeared, shortly after the gyms were re-released.



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