Latest Interview With Pokemon Go Creators Confirms Generation 3

Recently, there has been a lot of skepticism in Pokemon go about rather generation 3 would be coming soon. It first started when the official Pokemon website released information regarding Halloween specials for all of their current games. If you have yet to read the short paragraph about why everyone believes generation 3 will be in the game for Halloween. Here it is.

Ghostly Goodies in Pokémon GO

The Halloween season is a special time in Pokémon GO. Plenty of good stuff is coming to the game later this October, and we can’t wait to get out and about to see what sort of excitement we can scare up while catching new Pokémon to fill out our Pokédex.

Stay tuned for more details about Pokémon GO’s Halloween event coming soon! – Pokemon Company

The biggest reason it is widely believed generation 3 Pokemon will be released during the Halloween event is mostly that recent findings in the APK show generation 3 Pokemon being introduced. Things are slowly starting to add up and it’s always fun to try and find out when thing

Information regarding the Halloween event still haven’t been released and are thought to be released sometime this week or the following. However, event if generation 3 isn’t released for Halloween. They will still be here shortly and more than likely sometime this year.s will be released.

  • Gen III is the next content update, coming soon — “There is a lot of Pokémon that have not yet been launched, so I think the next secret weapon will be launch of the next Pokémon generation. I hope the players will soon see them.”

There are a few things you can do to get ready for generation 3’s release. If you haven’t read it yet. Here is an article going over how you can make the best during the release of generation 3 Pokemon. How To Prepare For Generation 3 Coming Soon!

Because John didn’t share any other details about the upcoming events. It is still widely believed that Halloween is the release date for generation Pokemon. He mentioned that there are several Pokemon that haven’t been released yet and didn’t mention anything about the generation 2 Pokemon that have yet to be seen. Generation 3 seemed to be a bit more on his mind during the interview.

The Halloween event last year was a big success for the coming back of Pokemon GO. The games activity was greatly reduced until Niantic created its first event for Pokemon GO. The Halloween event was such a huge success that Niantic kept the event going for about a week or so after it’s original end date.

By bringing in a large amount of new Pokemon would certainly keep the Halloween event’s fantasy for being the best event in the game. It is also possible Niantic plans on a lot of trainers returning similar to last year.





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