Legendary Raids have been very tough for Rural Players!

Legendary Raids have been a thing for a very short time, which brought Pokemon to the game that fans have been waiting a full year to catch. The wait was worth it, though some fans aren’t able to enjoy it as well as they should be.

These players are the rural players who usually suffer from the lack of gyms and resources anyways. When raids came out, we expected it to be balanced everywhere though it’s not balanced for these players who have a lack of supplies and players to help them win with. Some of these players are stuck traveling to town to go to a raid, and when they finally make it there, there is still nobody to help them during the raid which is such a bummer and a waste of time for these dedicated Pokemon fans.

Hopefully these fans will be recognized when the next legendary hits the game, and if Niantic figures out a way to balance these raids for rural players before then of course. Rural fans are among the most loyal to the game, as they spend tons of money and countless amounts of hours that come with extra time spent just by traveling to enjoy the game. Niantic has recognized these players before and increased spawns around their areas though it didn’t seem to help much.

Lack of balance among rural players only adds to the need to spoof for some of these people who aren’t willing to travel to enjoy the game, which isn’t a good thing at all. If Niantic finds a way to make raids easier for them, then it may help will the amount of spoofing going on during the raids.




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