Lots of restrictions on recording equipment at GO Fest, what could this mean for vloggers?

Though fans are meant to have the greatest time at the Pokemon GO festivals, it seems like there are some serious rule placements for the festivals that will require people who like to record events such as Trainer Tips to not film at the event.

They most likely placed the rules so people wouldn’t feel nervous about being filmed by vloggers though tons of other people don’t care. Some much needed rules have been placed such as no glass containers or fire arms at the festival.

These festivals are also jam packed with some amazing events that come along with a meet and greet giving you a chance to meet some employees over at Niantic who help develop and run the game. The permit showed that 15 to 20 Thousand people will be able to attend the festival in Chicago which should be similar in each area hosting a GO festival.

Six 60-inch screens will be placed at each Team Lounge and a Gym Video Pillar will be placed in front of the Lounge. Also, there will be a team gym that will be a site of where the players can compete against each other. There will be food and drinks available as’well some much needed gyms popping up around with lures going during the entire event.



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