Map Of Local Unofficial Pokemon Go Fest Play Together Meetups!

Many fans around the world have attended the Pokemon GO fest play together meet ups that have happened in the previous weeks, which more are to come around the world from this new event. This map shows what events are coming in the future of Pokemon GO so you can see which players around the world are going to be having a festival too! Along side this is a list of details for these events which you can find by clicking here

A larger image of the map is supplied on the link given above or in the featured photo. Many fans are currently adding where their events are taken place if it’s not added on the world map, so be sure to watch out for more bulletins to be added if you’re looking for an event around your area.

Many of these festivals are in spark from the safari zone event that’s allowing players to collect some much needed regional Pokemon. Regional Pokemon are regional locked Pokemon that can only be obtained in their region. Many of these regional Pokemon are the reason why some players have empty Pokedex slots. Be sure to let us know if you’re going to a Poke Festival in the comment section below!




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