New Event Alongside Halloween Event

Pokemon Go parent company Niantic is expected to reveal more about the Halloween 2017 event soon.A recent Pokemon Company statement suggested that spooky new gen 3 Pokemon would join the app at Halloween.Pokémon Go’s Halloween event will start “later this month,” according to The Pokémon Company.

“The Halloween season is a special time in Pokémon Go,” The Pokémon Company wrote in a Halloween-themed blog post. “Plenty of good stuff is coming to the game later in October, and we can’t wait to get out and about to see what sort of excitement we can scare up while catching new Pokémon to fill out of Pokédex.”

Many fans believe that this is a hint that Halloween will bring with it the debut of Gen 3, about eight months after the launch of Gen 2, which was itself about eight months after the launch of Gen 1. The timeline works, overlooking the fact that Gen 3 is bigger than Gen 2 ever was, but it would seem odd to drop Gen 3 in the middle of Legendary release season (we’ll still be rotating the Gen 2 beasts then), and it does just seem too soon for Gen 3 to be here, if you ask me. This feels like wishful thinking.

Also, this could be a time for missing Gen 2 Pokémon like Smeargle or Delibird to show up, or it could be time for Mythic to make their debut like Celebi, or possibly even Gen 1’s Mew, who seem like they probably won’t appear like traditional raid bosses. To me, all of these seem more likely than the full launch of Gen 3, but I’m still not holding my breath.

Pokémon GO’s original Halloween event was really its first major event period. It increased the spawns of “spooky” Pokémon like Gastly, Haunter and Cubone, and double candy for pretty much all in-game activities.

That was fine for the time, as it was one of the first “bonus” events in the game with changing spawns and extra currency. But now? Pokémon GO really needs something to shake things up, to show that the game is evolving and not just doing the same stuff it did a year ago, but now with raids and according to sources Halloween event is said to coincide with one major event of release of new Pokemon and it can be any “Gen 3” or “Gen2 missing once” like Ditto and other legendary.



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