Niantic are currently working on a fix for the Pokemon GO Plus!

Many fans are unable to use their favorite Pokemon accessory, the Pokemon GO Plus. This allows players to travel around while catching Pokemon without having to pull out their phone, though you may have to every once in a while to check on things. The apple watch offers a more extensive experience for this, for a very expensive price that’s not really worth buying for a game unless you already own one.

Niantic have acknowledged the problem and are currently looking at  fix right now. It seems like they’ll have it done very shortly as they usually work on these things for a day or so and end up sending out the fix behind the scenes and letting social media know once it’s done.

If you have issues with this device I encourage you to just be patient and give it some time.  Hopefully in the future Niantic will create a Pokemon GO plus 2  with some more in depth features for the game that’ll allow players to enjoy Pokemon GO on another level.

Though it would be smarter to wait until more generations are out alongside PvP and trading to do so. If they do release it, let’s hope the device at’least has a touch screen and won’t be too expensive for us all to afford it




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