Player spent more than nine years playing this game to unlock a secret door

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Tibia is an MMORPG that has been around for quite some time. It originally launched back in 1997, and there are still thousands of active players in the game, nearly 20 years later. It’s quite an achievement for the German based MMO.

However, one of its players, Kharsek, has accomplished the ultimate achievement in the game, and it’s something that no other player has done before.

In the game, there is a door that will not grant you access unless you reach level 999. The door, which was added to the game back in 2005 reads, “You see a gate of expertise for level 999. Only the worthy may pass.” With a game that has no level cap, this is quite the goal to reach since the amount of XP required to get to level 999 is astounding.

You also have to factor in the amount of XP lost every time you die in the game, which can equate to nearly 20 hours of actual gameplay. Here’s a breakdown of some leveling, thanks to VICE:

Going from level 19 to level 20 requires 15,400 experience points, and the most you can get from a single enemy is a high-level boss that drops 35,000 XP. For level 49 to level 50, it’s 112,900 XP. At level 50, you’ve acquired a grand total of 1,847,300 XP. At level 100, it’s a massive 15,694,800 XP.

CipSoft, the game’s developers, never expected someone to reach level 999, especially at the rate of which Kharsek did. Kharsek started playing the MMO in 2007, so it took him around 9 years to open the secret door. Even though Kharsek was continually making great leveling progress, it didn’t come without struggle.

Mathias Bynens, owner of TibiaMaps, a website dedicated to Tibia and its ever changing world, discussed some of the issues that Kharsek faced throughout his journey.

“A group of people liked to consistently invade the spawns Kharsek was hunting in and kill as many creatures as possible, just to lower his exp/hour rate. Other times they’d lure hordes of strong creatures on Kharsek’s healers, forcing them to run away or die, causing Kharsek to be left without a healer, which is dangerous even at his level. Bullying at its worst. I don’t know what Kharsek did to deserve this. Maybe people just got jealous at his high level?”

The devs weren’t the only ones that took note of this incredible feat. A YouTube channel has been following Kharsek’s progress, rooting him on along the way. A Reddit thread was also started about a week ago before Kharsek reached level 999.

Since no one knew what was really behind the infamous door, “predictions” were coming to surface at full force, and a lot of them were quite hilarious.



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