Players Are Unable To Play The Game Because Of A New Error

Before the Halloween event came out. Niantic had a hard time getting all the coding worked into the games APK. We had seen 3 updates within a week of each other while Niantic tried hard to fix bugs existing in the game. Each update broke something else while fixing other issues in the game.

Some of the bugs currently in the game seem a little suspicious actually, to be considered a bug. For real though, a bug preventing players from getting any more than 2 items from Pokestops just before a major event takes place? That isn’t the first time that has happened either.

Something in those bug fix updates before events really must have it out for Niantic successfully managing an event. There is also another bug, that prevents players from catching Pokemon with their first Pokeball. Almost every Pokemon seems to pop out making it difficult to collect the experience for the first throw.

There seems to be an error within the game that has been widely seen after the event has gone live. However, it was seen by many trainers before the event started as well. The bug just wasn’t reported as much. Now that the Halloween event is live trainers are complaining (who wouldn’t?!?) they aren’t able to play the game.

An error keeps popping up on their screens saying GPS signal isn’t found. This isn’t that big of an issue for other games. Though, a game that uses GPS. That is a BIG deal! It’s not certain as of right now what is causing the error to come about. Though, there does seem to be a quick fix.

If you see this error and can’t seem to get it to disappear. Than try toggling the battery saver option off. It should solve the problem if the problem doesn’t solve itself. Some trainers are able to let the game run for a minute or less with the error up before it goes away and the trainers are able to play the game normally.

If it weren’t for the event, this bug would probably not be known very well still. Though, because many trainers are returning to the game to catch the new generation 3 Pokemon. It’s become a bigger issue than it once was.

If this issue persists and you’ve tried the battery saver trick. It’s recommended that you contact Niantic support. It’s possible the bug only affects certain users. Similar to that of the new iOS update and Pokemon GO connectivity issues.



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