Pokemon GO: A Well Needed Addition

Generation 2 came out with lots of new Pokemon, but it also came out with a few new items as well. Though, the item storage never increased with the largest accumulated berries trainers collect and save.

Now that berries, potions and revives are needed almost as much as Pokeballs. Trainers are expected to save them more than they wish to just throw the useful items out. Thankfully, Niantic already thought some trainers would be saving more items now that the update is complete.

More items are also being added to the game once raids are fully complete. Meaning more inventory clutter. It will be hard to manage one’s inventory with only being able to hold 1000 items (from experience). Increasing the item storage cap, this will allow for trainers to hold more of the items they use daily, without having to worry about running out so fast.

Some may wonder why you would need 1000 inventory space, however, living in a rural area with only one Pokestop, now two counting the gym. It can be hard to have items you need when walking or traveling. Trying to complete the Pokedex.



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