Pokemon GO: Analysis of recent defensive list


Recently, Niantic changed the combat-power (CP) of various Pokemon that many perceived as a game-changer. There have been numerous articles discussing these changes and their possible implications, but said analyses were limited to simple stat observation (i.e., we were useless). People have categorized best attackers, defenders, overall-combined stats, so on and so forth by these stat changes, but not many analyses have been conducted addressing variables beyond these numbers. Gamepress attempted to do so.

Gamepress further elaborates an important point to their methodology:

“Consider a Pokemon such as Arcanine, who boasts great moves and elite base stats. The traditional spreadsheet calculation methods would suggest that Arcanine is one of the best gym defenders in the game. However, what this doesn’t take into account is that Arcanine’s defending ability is hampered by the ubiquity of Vaporeon as an attacker. It is a safe assumption that 90+% of all players regularly attacking gyms have a quality Vaporeon as one of their go-to Pokemon. When defending a gym, your defense is only as good as your opponent’s best available counter. From this example, we can see that the gym metagame for Pokemon GO is highly influenced by the presence of Vaporeon.”

On the next page we share their recommendations and explain where they got it right versus where we feel they need to improve. Remember,



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