Pokemon GO Another iOS Forced Update Brings More Changes

Pokemon go had gone through many changes and few recent event.Pokemon’s Equinox event was over on 3rd October and EX raids are still being tested. But what community is most excited is “Halloween Event” with possible generation 3 release.

Recently Pokemon GO iOS players were forced to update PokemonGO to keep playing the game. As the history of Pokemon GO suggests force update always brings big events and new things. Whenever players are forced to update PokemonGO it’s usually a big change coming.
Whereas this time Niantic just mention ” Minor Bugs are fixed” but as we all know Gym battles after raids? are still bugged.Avatar turning black/white/yellow when tabbing out of the app? Still bugged.Raid lobby? Nearby going blank? Still bugged, and so on every bug knows till date is still buggy.Now the question is so what exactly did they fix…?
After the recent changes and code twerking now, players are getting only two items per PokeStop, with the tenth PokeStop bonus dropping four items for players. The change seems to affect items from gyms as well, although players can still get bonus items for either controlling a gym or having that gym’s medal.
Niantic’s official or Pokemon Go hasn’t provided an explanation for the sudden drop in items, although the issue seems pretty widespread. And needless to say, players aren’t very happy about seeing items drop by 50 percent or more seemingly out of nowhere.
The sudden decrease in items is suspiciously just after forced update on iOS took place. Pokemon Go just released a new update a few days ago, and players were suddenly forced to update to the new version on Apple devices or they couldn’t log into the game.Similar thing happened to android users a week ago.
Apart from this, we will be getting Halloween event really soon. We first got word of the Halloween event through a small line about the Pokémon franchise’s overarching plans for the holiday on its website.



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