Pokemon GO: APK Breakdown of 0.69.1 Update!

In a sudden surprise Niantic rolled out an update for the Pokemon GO, our dev teams have performed some work on the APK mine and looked for clues for what’s going on with this update.

Although we were expecting some groundbreaking changes in this update, as the changelog showed a ton of new app optimizations for this update. From the looks of it. It seems that this update was just a preparation for things to come next in Pokemon GO. After a disappointing Pokemon GO Fest, Niantic has taken a keen interest in optimizing their app for handling situations like the Chicago Go Fest.

In advanced preparation for the things to come, this app update lays the groundwork for the Pokemon GO Stadium event in Yokohama, Japan. To help smoothen app performance during memory intensive tasks in the game, like Raids and stuff like that, there is a new “Raid Cache” added into the game.

It is not known if Raid Cache has been successfully implemented into the game yet or not. From what we estimate introduction of this new memory section will help your devices better handle memory at special events like Pokemon Go Fest, or the Pokemon Go Stadium Event.

We believe that the Raid Pokemon Cache was added in order to improve Raid performance and stability. The impact is yet to be measured.

Also this update same with a new image asset that will be taking place of the gym badge of the Chicago event badge that was rolled out at the time of Pokemon Go Fest. Also, this update came with a bunch of new banner additions, to appear over Pokestops like the one at Pokemon Go Fest.

Interestingly, there are some aesthetic changes made to the game as well. Remember that time at Pokemon Go Fest, The official Pokemon go account tweeted out they will be turning off the lure animation around the vicinity of Grant Park, as an attempt to decrease the server load.

There is now a new petal cascade animation added into the game. This Petal Cascade distant version will be probably used for pokestops in a far distance, so your phone can render the map faster. As a result, the phone will be less overheating, consuming less power and the game should be more stable.



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