Pokémon GO: Blue Eyed Gastly And Orange Pikachu’s Discovered!

As Niantic start to unveil their latest gym update and raid items, it looks as if they have given us some newish Pokémon too.

There are numerous players worldwide who have noticed the slight change in two generation 1 Pokémon, as of this week.

This was first discovered and shared in a number of Pokémon GO forums, including Reddit’s The Silph Road.

The first on of the two Pokémon to have a slight change is Gastly, who usually has two white eyes however; things have changed.

It seems now Niantic has given Gastly a new eye colour, with him baring blue eyes, which is not limited to new catches, but changed for all Gastly’s in the game.

Now the next Pokémon to have a change in colour is our favourite Pikachu, who has only slightly changed his appearance.

If you look really closely and I mean really closely, you will notice that Pikachu is more orange then usual.

As I mentioned before this was discovered by numerous trainers online and is also starting to excite these players for a different reason.

But why are players so excited? Well because many of them believe that these are two new example of shiny Pokémon, as we got with Gyarados a while back.

However, at the moment there is no official conformation that this is the case, as it could simply be just a bug, which may be rectified in a week or two.



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