Pokemon GO cheaters are in for a surprise!

Tons of Pokemon trainers around the world have joined together to troll the trolls, stop cheaters from cheating with Niantic giving assistance through their powerful developing skills. After many attempts to stop these cheaters, they still proceed to make their way into the game and make things a bit harder for those trainers who actually play the game legit.

Now not all Pokemon GO cheaters cheat all the time, most of them cheat when they’re bored or just behind, while others cheat just to RWT. Niantic’s newest tactics won’t ban such players right away and won’t even take away their Pokemon. Instead, they will mark such Pokemon caught using cheats with a red slash in their photos.

The Pokemon may also misbehave and cause the trainer to feel like he’s got no badges with a level 100 Pikachu The new anti-cheating feature follows on the heels of the latest Pokemon update that adds Raid Battles and sets the stage for the arrival of Legendary Pokemon. Though depending on how trainers receive Legendary Pokemon, this could make or break the game — especially with a community filled with cheaters.

Hopefully with the cheaters Pokemon misbehaving they’ll be a bit demoralized to continue their cheating ways. This will also make trainers who buy accounts cautious about even buying them considering a large amount of these accounts are botted and will end up being completely useless by the time they get them.

Pokemon in traditional games used to act this way due to the trainer not having a specific battle, having Niantic add this type of behavior to Pokemon shows how much attention they’ve payed to these games. It’s quite obvious Niantic wants the best for its community, especially when they take so much precaution to perfect the trading and battling features for such a long time just so we have it at the tip top shape when it’s released.



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