Pokemon Go: Cheaters Getting Slashed! Legendary Pokemon Next?

A few Pokemon Go trainers are texting us that some of the spoofers accounts are getting their accounts “Slashed”. We looked up the code for any new security changes and found that there are new security measures implemented.

These new security measures are specifically designed to target careless spoofers with erratic location change pattern. These location change patterns are being recognized and sorted out by state of the art pattern recognition algorithms and machine learning to ban these accounts.

It is important to know that this is a mini ban wave and not affecting all the spoofers and cheaters as of now.

  • The new ban wave is not global, nor does it target all spoofers
  • The new ban wave targets mostly players with erratic movement patterns
  • We don’t know if the slashes are permanent

From our database, all the accounts that have been previously been marked are now being evaluated and looking for quick/unpredicted location changes within a short amount of time. This ban wave does not rely on detecting 3rd party app usage specifically but uses historical player location data to observe irrational and impossible movement patterns.

As of now, it is still unknown how widespread this series of ban wave is, but looks like “Gym Snipers” and “Globetrotters” are being targeted as of now. This might have been implemented probably to prevent gym sniping and legendary Pokemon sniping which is predicted to happen on the day of Pokemon Go’s anniversary.

Got something to add to this story? Let us know in the comments section, let’s get a discussion going on here! Anyways guys, have fun out there catching Pokemon and never pogo and drive.



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