Pokemon GO: Chester Event Details, Exclusive Map Images and Gyms

Summer is a really exciting time for Pokemon Go trainers in and around Chester area. Niantic community partner in Europe, Big Heritage unveiled a bunch of new information about the Chester Event that they both are working on.

This event will be a part of the Chester Heritage Festival on 22-23rd July. Well, it looks like Chester is in for a really thrilling experience this Summer. Their itinerary looks packed, consisting of trails, crafts, historic sites, Raid Radio, a huge amount of PokéStops and Lures.

During the 2 day event, the following new additions will be made for all the trainers.
An estimated 120 new Pokestops and gyms across the city, probably making Chester a city with the highest concentration of gyms and Pokestops ever. It’s going to be a Spoofer’s Paradise over there.

Lure-a-Thons, As a part of the celebration, there are going to be more lures at all the newly added Pokestops, These will all be sponsored Lures by either Big Heritage Or Niantic.

Arguably the best feature this event is going to offer is the ability for trainers to Create their own Pokestop! (Ikr, that’s nuts– I felt the same way too) As a part of their partnership with Niantic, Big Heritage is aiming to hugely increase Pokestops and gyms at historic sites across the UK. They will be asking players over the festival to nominate historic sites or places in their own local area. This activity will not just be limited to Chester, but the entire nation. Now, this is one thing that many people really want to see in other countries too. Countries like Brazil, India, New Zealand with many places of cultural significance will be highly be benefited by such an effort.

Explorers in the UK can also get to some real life stuff happening during the duration of the event. The star of the show is the opening of Chester’s Castle to the public first time in over 20 years. That was even before the Internet was mainstream. And even before I was born, and the Pokemon Anime hype was in full swing in Japan and USA.

Also during the event, we will be getting a special Pokemon treasure hunt sort of thing. Thanks to our leads we have obtained exclusive images of the Treasure Map. This part of the event is called as Pokemon GO PastPort, and will feature four historic camps across the city, and participants will have to find characters from across the city’s history. Also, these spots will be Raid Spots so everyone can participate siege energy gyms. The locations are labeled as Normans, Romans, Vikings and Civil War on the official images that we have. Our Leads have confirmed that this information is indeed true.

Using the game to help you navigate around the city to find 10 specific Pokéstops and find the answer to questions on a special Pokémon GO explorers map. Complete all 10 and hand your map into a series of hubs across the city to be rewarded with a limited edition official Pokémon GO History Explorer certificate.



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