Pokemon GO: Clearing up confusion with Pokemon Go Fest

Folks, it looks like the recent Pokemon GO announcements that were made, stirred up a lot of confusion among the members of the Pokemon Go community. Many trainers are now confused as to what exactly will be happening in the game. And in what way will non-Go Fest attendees be a part of the event, is the most confusing aspect of the game.

As a non-attending trainers, you will gain two things, those two extended in-game bonuses, and the Mystery Challenge encounter. But beware the mystery challenge is only available to participate it only at GO Fest. But the contributions of trainers worldwide will be considered into unlocking the mystery event at Grand Park, Chicago.

Pokemon Go Fest attendees are the only ones that will be responsible for the completion of the Mystery Challenge. If Trainers around the world don’t do their part, there will be no Mystery Challenge! Additionally, if the Mystery Challenge is completed within the stipulated duration of 1 hour then a major global reward will be available (for everyone *duh*)

Till now there is no official announcement from Niantic what will be the special mystery challenge that will be taking place or what is going to to be the happen during the Pokemon Go Fest, many people firmly believe that we will be getting team specific Legendary birds at Pokemon Go Feat.

That’s just about right, we have 3 major team gyms and one ultimate gym at the official Pokemon Go map, and this is the first ever major Pokemon Go event with a lot of people attending, I mean it’s the best time to get legendaries right.

Also, there is some speculation that Niantic might release Gen-3 Pokemon at Pokemon Go Fest as a global reward, saving stronger legendary Pokemon for future events. There is a little bit of evidence backing this claim, but mostly this might not be the case. Since the introduction of gen-3 Pokemon need a restructuring of the game from the ground up. We should already see some sort of new code support in the game’s master file. As of no such new additions were read. So we take this with a grain of salt.

Ok, that’s all well and good. If you are wondering in what way will you be able to make contributions to the game? This what you can do. First up all you have to do convert July 22nd 11 AM into your local time based on your time zone, and add it to your calendar as you might forget that it’s Go Fest. Also convert 12 Noon, and 3 PM into your local time.

Those are the catch challenge windows where you will be needing to catch maximum Pokemon at once. So it’s advised you go to a place with a more number of Pokestops. Lure them up so that you can make maximum contributions.

Please refer to the Pokemon types chart and make an appropriate choice. Our team recommends either catching Grass type Pokemon, Normal Type Pokemon and Water Type Pokemon. But it is up to you to decide, Choose wisely.



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