Pokemon GO: Details You Missed in the New Trailer.

In all the Sheer excitement of watching the trailer, it might be possible that most of you might have missed some of the finer details that were present. So we have decided that we will do a shot by shot trailer breakdown for you guys.

The trailer starts off by showing off previously know stuff like legendary Pokemon the gym rework and gym badges that were newly added into the game. Also, the trailers feature co-op based gameplay features and people having fun.

The randomly out of the blue, trainers all around receive an invitation with a legendary raid pass. We have uncovered this a few days ago. Along with navigation Google Maps Navigation included. We suppose that these will be getting a legendary raid push notification. What is interesting to see is that these passes come with an expiration date of sorts, in the image shown the expiration duration was within 48 hours.

Next we move on to a shot of a Raid timer going off at City Hall, then comes the legendary birds with their kickass awesome entry scene. First we get a shot at Zapdos, Moltres and others. Many of you might have missed but there are shots of these Pokemon with their CP. We managed to extract all of the Trailer Bosses CP Values. They are mostly placeholders, come on current Raid Bosses are have almost the same values. Our guess is that seem to be placeholder values.

LUGIA – 35000 CP
HO-OH – 32000 CP
ZAPDOS – 29000 CP
MOLTRES – 28000 CP

Just like Standard raids, you will have to beat legendary Pokemon with a duration of one hour. But the egg hatching time might take a long time, even more than 48 hours in some cases, well anyway.

One common misconception that both the original and this trailer seem to spread around is that you will capture a legendary Pokemon, once you beat it. The trailer shows no capture UI for the raid boss, nor does it show any usage of a Master Ball. Judging by the trailer alone, if you manage to defeat a Legendary raid boss, you will automatically be awarded one. This is not correct, as the official press release states that they need to be captured. So you will have to you up your ball throwing skills as we expect the that the base capture rate for these Pokemon will be much lower than the ones you frequently see.

Each Team/ Raid Group has captured a different legendary raid boss. Now that’s something interesting. On July 22nd there are team specific phase-2 capture challenge that will be happening at their corresponding gyms. Initially in the image shown we thought that the entire group has captured a Lugia and that their banners indicated different Team colors.

The trailer shows each team/group capturing a different Boss. There is no clear indication why or will there be any correlation between Teams and Legendaries. Our bets are on the fact that we will have team specific raids at their corresponding gyms and might get Lugia and Ho-Oh at the Mega-Gym at the main event stage with a gigantic screen over the stage.

Everyone starts celebrating, and slowly we pan out from the city to see legendary Raids happening all across the globe. And guess what, we get our first look at the most iconic Pokemon of the Franchise that’s Mewtwo. This is being seen as a subtle portrayal that we will be getting more legendary Pokemon like Mew, Mewtwo, the legendary dogs and much more in the near future. They might be saving up them for special events in the future.

Also, the PoGODev reverse engineers and network wizards have found a number of interesting leaks and assets in the decrypted network traffic. These guys were able to leak even more new stuff, for now, they have only shared information about a new in-game Fest T-shirts that your trainer avatar will be to rock as a part of the event.



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