Pokemon Go: Don’t Power Up Your Pokemon

Hello, Trainers, I’m sure most of you have got your legendaries already and it’s a known fact that raids have taken over the Pokemon go players and pretty much exhaust most of them. We have seen many trainers have started using their precious Stardust and Rare Candies to upgrade their pokemons to give a good punch during the raid battles.

Recently we have come across some interesting facts about the leveling up your Pokemon. Although this is nothing new, this was previously discussed but never came to limelight due to those old crappy battle mechanics.

Now thanks to Raids (esp. Legendary Raids) Breakpoints for leveling up Pokemon will matter.
In general, everyone believes that the attack and defense stats increase linearly along with the Pokemon level.

Well, that’s not the case (at least in Pokemon Go), reports have shown that a Pokemon’s attack and defense stat increase in a staircase fashion (Mathematically that is called as a step function), instead of seeing a continuous growth for each powerup. There is an abrupt growth in stats at certain stages. Now, these points are called as breakpoints.

Even if you increase your Pokemon level using the start dust, it’s not a guarantee that the damage output or the defense factor will increase. IKR, this is confusing, lemme break this down for you guys, let’s take up a typical case, to better understand where I’m getting at.

Let’s say your Rock Smash damage for Golem gets an increase at level 25. This Damage dealt will remain constant until you hit level 30 (To be specific, it’s the Pokemon’s level). Even though your Pokemon’s HP and CP will go up, on powering them up.

Technically this would mean, you don’t actually have to max out your Pokemon to the to get the maximum damage output against certain enemies. This is all simple mathematics and number juggling. But please proceed with caution, these breakpoints, vary for Pokemon, with different move sets.

**Click here for the Spreadsheet**

This Spreadsheet is a real helper and it is going to help you save a ton of Stardust. Open the spreadsheet by clicking on the above link, you are going to be greeted with the spreadsheet. In the Pokemon section, choose the Pokemon that you want to check the breakpoints for.

In this case, we will go with a Tyranitar, which is going up against the Raid Boss Articuno and with the move Rock Smash. (You can pick any Pokemon/Move you like from the drop down menu).For this spreadsheet to work, you also need to know the IV’s for your Pokemon, that you can easily look up online.

Basically, we can find here is the breakdown of how much your Golems rock throw is going to deal the damage to its foe based on its level and IV’s. Lv:20-39 (Check-D Column) and Attack IV: 0-15 (Check-F through U)

Here you can clearly see that no matter how much you level up after a particular level your Pokemon is going to deal the same damage no matter what. So guys use these sheets and save those sacred star dust. The Darker the Green, the stronger the attack is going to be. Similarly, under the various tabs you can see the same for defender breakpoints. Hope this helps you in your next Legendary Raid, thank us later 🙂






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