Pokémon GO: Don’t Use More Than One Ditto In A Raid

With raids and brand new gyms around, it is no wonder trainers are trying new things however, there is one thing you shouldn’t try and that’s using more than one Ditto in a raid.

Ninatic has given us a lot in recent week with new and improved gyms, an event and of course raids! Although, that means we need to change our tactic and over using Ditto can be a serious failure.

Why not? Ditto can be really tough is what you all are probably thinking right about now however; apparently using more than one is more of a disadvantage.

This was discovered by a trainer on The Silph Road, which is a leading Pokémon GO forum on Reddit. What a trainer discovered is that using Ditto multiple times in a raid can make Ditto do some strange things.

“ I Felt like trying something new, so I threw a few Dittos at a Gengar, the first one turned into a Gengar (as expected), then the next 2 turned against me”, said the player on The Silph Road.

But what exactly happened? Well the first Ditto transformed into Gengar against the Gengar however, the other two transformed into the Pokémon the trainer originally found them as.

Sadly for this trainer these Ditto were not pretending to be strong Pokémon when they caught them, instead they were Rattata and Pidgey.

Obviously these changes didn’t work very well for this trainers however, it could also help depending on the Pokémon they turn into.



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