Pokemon GO: Drop Rate Of Raid Items Per Raid Tier

After raiding, several trainers hope for rare candies and TM’s. However, it seems like getting those items can be a bit complicated. Especially when you hear that one of your buddies got an item you were hoping for or got more of an item then you did.

Though drop rates are still being researched and will take a bit more time than just a few days. Here is a rough list of the data collected from other trainers. If you were hoping to solo tier 1 and 2 raids to get your hands on TMs. It might take you a while before you get any.

Raid Tier Golden Razzberry Rare Candy TM
Tier 1 1.3 1.2 0.11
Tier 2 2.7 1.3 0.14
Tier 3 4.2 3.1 0.5
Tier 4 4.6 3.2 1.0

Of course the higher the tier the greater chances you have of getting items. You also have a chance of not receiving any items, which could be a real downer if you were fighting a tier 4 raid boss.

Even though Golden Razz Berries have a higher chance of dropping than Rare candies seem to be a bit more common for some trainers than others. It is possible that items are influenced by the amount of damage you do and by the amount of Pokemon you use. The less Pokemon you go through the better. However, more research is still underway.



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