Pokemon Go Event Countdown

Niantic earlier this week mentioned, Pokemon Go’s Articuno is being replaced by another Legendary bird, Moltres.The development team have yet to reveal a time for when the big switch is going to go down, although earlier updates might help us make a calculated guess.Patches in the past have been released at around 9pm UK time, meaning that could be option here as well.

However, if Articuno is set to be available until midnight PST, that would mean that Moltres would likely appear in the UK at a much later time.It could even mean a launch for those in Europe tomorrow morning, although Niantic are likely to reveal more in the coming hours.

Niantic are set to keep fans busy over the coming weeks with new Pokemon Go Legendary events.Much more simple than the ones in the past, these new Pokemon Go updates will focus on Legendary Birds being launched, and then replaced.While both Lugia and Articuno made their debuts during Pokemon Go Fest, the Ice-type will be the first to be replaced.

So far, Niantic have yet to provide an exact time for when these handovers will happen and it’s hard to say just when this might be.Pokemon Go Raids are only available during certain times, meaning that it will be hard for everyone to start trying to catch Moltres across the globe, whenever they are released.Fans in the UK will be hoping for sometime during the afternoon so that they can fit in as many opportunities to grab as many Legendaries as possible.

Following these latest Pokemon Go events, there’s the chance that the recently datamined Legendary Raid passes will become the official way of activating these Raid battles.Legendary Raid battles function in a similar way to normal Gym encounters, a boss Pokémon takes over a Gym. The Raid battle itself is pretty standard, you’ll want your damage output high, meaning less dodging and more fainted Pocket Monsters.If you do lose all of your team, you can always return with a fresh team, or revive the ones you had in the fray before.

Catching is the same as always, curveballs are your friend and will hopefully help you get what you deserve after such a meaty battle.There has been no word on when Lugia could be replaced, and there’s a chance that it has something to do with the upcoming Pokemon Go event in Japan.The Yokohama Pokemon Go Stadium event was recently found to be part of a new update released for the game this week.A Yokohama Event Badge appears to have been added to the game, along with a Petal Cascade animation.



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