Pokemon Go: Everything we know about Pokemon Go Fest

Thousands of Pokemon Go fans will be attending Pokemon Go Fest on July 22nd the first ever, official large-scale Pokemon Go event, organized by Niantic. In this post, we will be covering everything we know (so far) about this event.

The tickets for this event got sold out pretty quickly and are now reselling now for hundreds of dollars on Ebay, which shows you the amount of dedication that people show towards the game. Niantic still hasn’t said much about plans for the event, aside from vague hints at special in-game promotions for attendees and the promise of designated lounges for players from each of the three teams that users align themselves with on the app.

Earlier today, the event’s official map was unveiled, along with a set of new information that we all analyzed from the map. Niantic had to take a permit application from the Chicago Park District. The permit showed that 15 to 20 Thousand people will be attending the fest, but no one from Niantic has yet to confirm the number of attendees.

each team will its own dedicated lounge area, occupying 3 corners of the main park area. Six 60-inch screens will be placed at each Team Lounge and a Gym Video Pillar will be placed in front of the Lounge. Also, there will be a team gym that will be a site of where the players can compete against each other.

The Petrillo Music Shell will serve as the event’s main stage, and will feature an “ultimate gym.” The main stage is placed in the fourth corner of the park, together with a giant 12’x 20′ video screen and the mysterious Ultimate Gym Video Pillar. That will probably look similar to the one one showed off in the official Pokemon Go trailer, with capturing Mewtwo. So our bets are If any special Pokémon are to be released during the GO Fest, this is where it will happen.

Central Stage, has Ample space to hold a bunch of people at once ~Aerial View.

There will be special Pokewalks happening during the event, a number of PokéStops will be employed as Points of Interest in the PokéWalk event taking place during the GO Fest. The route is noted on the map and includes both park areas. No special event PokéStop drops are confirmed yet. You can sure bet there will be a bunch of Pokestops added just in time for the event.

To facilitate the needs of the attendees, there is Wi-Fi coverage for most of the areas of the park. As the game constantly requires a strong connection to the internet. The organizers requested and received permission to have inflatables on-site — what they might be is unclear, but a “Pikachu photo op” is on the map close to the main stage.

Pikachu Photo Op is going to be awesome.

Other important pieces of information are,

  • Niantic will have to pay $50,805 for the permit.
  • There are 66 portable restrooms on the map
  • Food will be available at the Food Court
  • Pikachu photo opportunity will be available
  • No rides, lifts, climbing walls will be available



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