Pokémon GO: Feeding Allies Will Sometimes Give You Candy

We have a somewhat unusual conformation that has only recently been discovered, you can now be rewarded candy for feeding the allies.

Usually in battles it is common for someone to think of themselves and forget their allies however, now you may want to actually help them, as you will be rewarded.

Niantic has given us a lot in recent weeks with an event, new and improved gyms, as well as these new raids that has brought Pokémon GO back to life.

Now Niantic has given us another way to gain, which works for both the reciver and the giver.This phenomenon was discovered by a player on the Silph Road, which is a Pokémon GO forum on Reddit.

What this trainer discovered was that feeding allies Pokémon will then reward you with candy, this means that both players win.

This as a result can be used in so many ways, as not just a way to help recover your friends Pokémon, but also to help you evolve your Pokémon faster.

If you were smart and you needed a lot more candy of a specific Pokémon, what you could do is force your team member to use that Pokémon and you just continuously feed it whilst in battle.

You will literally be swapping berries for Candy however, it doesn’t work every time. According to the player that discovered this, you are rewarded more often than not however; sometimes you do get nothing.

I feel as if this is because it can be used to some smart Pokémon GO players advantage and Niantic wants to restrict that a bit.



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