Pokemon GO: Fest Bonuses Are Live!

Although trainers didn’t have as fun at GO fest like we had all hoped. We were still able to get the bonuses. Rather or not they were all completed from the catch frames Niantic had released days before. These bonuses will be very useful in the long run.

The bonuses as far as things go will last for two days. If you are hoping to make the best of them, don’t wait it out! Start farming now and remember to use Pinap berries on most of the Pokemon you catch to get 4x the amount of candy!

The bonuses are:

  • 2x candy
  • XP bonus
  • Stardust Bonus
  • Egg distance bonus
  • Buddy distance bonus
  • Encounter rate bonus

Stay tuned with us for how to get the most out of these next few days while we work on trying to find the best strategy. For now, though, set the Pokemon you wish to evolve (or power up) as your buddy now and begin farming the bonuses.

What happens if you come across a legendary Pokemon during the times of this event? Most would probably think to use a Pinap berry to ensure they have candies to power the Pokemon up. However, Golden Raspberries might be a better choice. Given the fact legendary Pokemon only have a 2% catch rate.



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