Pokemon GO Fest Will Feature The ‘Ultimate Gym’ For Legendary Pokemon?

Last month Niantic announced the first ever Real World Event for Pokemon Go known as Pokemon GO Fest, thousands of Pokemon Go fans will be attending Pokemon Go Fest on July 22nd. It will also unveil one of a kind “Ultimate Gym“.

Here is what the Pokemon Go Fest pass looks like:

The tickets for this event got sold out within 20 minutes, and that was very quick. Over 20,000 Pokemon Go trainers will be attending the GoFest. Also the tickets are now reselling for hundreds of dollars on Ebay, which shows you the amount of dedication that people show towards the game. Niantic still hasn’t said much about plans for the event, aside from vague hints at special in-game promotions for attendees and the promise of designated lounges for players from each of the three teams that users align themselves with on the app.

The Pokemon GO Fest event takes place at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois on 22nd July, and a permit application with the Chicago Park District has uncovered more information about the event.

As I mentioned above, this includes plans for an “ultimate gym” which will make use of the Petrillo Music Shell.

The exact capacity of the area is still unclear, but it is expected to be around 15,000-20,000 trainers. Pokemon GO Fest tickets were sold out within matter of minutes.



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