Pokemon Go: Gym Defender Bug is Pretty Serious

Now that we are all past the honeymoon period of the gym rework, there is a need to specifically mention about an important bug that is causing problems to competitive trainers. This new bug was caused in the early days of the gym rework and proceeded to continue till the later days of the game.

It Looks like a small number of trainers has faced this issue When adding a Pokemon to a gym, an error occurs and it fails to add or at least this is what we are lead to believe as that Pokemon does not show up in the gym when you check again.

Gym Defender Bug is Pretty Serious

However, the Pokemon that you just left, will be glitching out till eternity. The Pokemon you left at the gym will be marked as a gym defender and even though it is not a gym defender. It’s like the scene from Matrix where Neo is stuck at the Subway station. You Pokemon will be stuck in gray area, making it useless just like a slashed Pokemon.

Heck, even The gym badge overview page will show your glitching Pokemon icon on that gym, but when you click on it to go to the detailed page, there is NO Pokemon defending. If it were actually defending some random guy could have beaten it and it will return back to you.

The gym can be occupied by other Pokemon and trainers. You can battle the gym, add another defender to it, and receive coins after it’s defeated and returned to you. However, this does nothing to help the glitched Pokemon. Which is kind of Awful.The worst part of this story is that Niantic knows about this issue but has chosen to remain silent on this issue?

Niantic community moderators Niantic George and Niantic Indigo have been notified of this problem over Reddit, and still, there is no official response from them. Consider the gym rework happened a while ago, such a behavior is unacceptable. I hope this issue get’s fixed as soon as possible.



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