Pokemon GO: Gyms Should Have Three Levels, Here Is Why

When the new major update came out. Gyms changed a lot. Some new features were good, some weren’t the best. Allowing trainers to put 10 Pokemon in after the gym was “leveled” up was a great feature we no longer have. The reason this feature worked so well is because of rural players.

It’s hard to find gyms as is for rural players. Allowing 10 Pokemon to be placed in gyms made it a little easier for players to collect even as little as 10 coins per day. Once the update came out, that was all changed and it is now fairly hard for rural players to find openings in gyms.

You could try gym snipping, however, Niantic put a stop to that. After taking out one Pokemon you have to wait a while before you can place a Pokemon in. Often times resulting in losing that spot if you leave the gym and come back later.

Implementing gym levels again would be a great way for trainers to place more than 6 Pokemon in a gym. However, there is a catch to this new leveling system. The gyms can only go up to level 3 and instead of there being a new Pokemon slot. There would be a whole new section to all another team of Pokemon.

Prestiging the gyms would be the way gyms could level up. Don’t you miss fighting your own team mates? Not to demolish them, but to help them out by adding levels to the gym which would open up more slots for Pokemon.

That’s just silly though, right? Well trainers would be able to pick and choose which team that get to fight. Following the same system there is now for Pokemon placement. If there is a Snorlax in the first level, then another wont be able to be placed in the other two.

Once one level is taken out however, the whole gym will be defeated and everyone Pokemon will be returned with the coins the deserve. Not only would this help trainers in confined areas place Pokemon in gyms. It would be an interesting addition to gyms.

The amount of experience used to level up a gym would be far more than what it was before. Probably close to 10,000 points. This would prevent every gym from being level 3. Even though the levels don’t hold much more of a purpose than an additional Pokemon slot.

We know when you spin at gym photo-disks you can obtain a team bonus item. For each level the gym is would be an additional item. This would also come with a greater chance of collecting potions and revives we so desperately need now.



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