Pokemon GO: How Niantic Will Give Redemption Codes

A while ago, the option to redeem in-game codes was discovered within the games master file. However, not much else has been mentioned about the codes. Android users are able to use the option right now as part of a “beta” testing system. Apple users however, won’t be able to redeem codes until Apple allows Niantic to add such a feature in the game.

Let’s not talk about the redeeming feature right now, though. Instead, let’s figure out how Niantic should officially release codes out to the public. They could just roll the codes out on twitter and maybe as a few ways to promote sells for sponsors. That wouldn’t be any fun, though, would it?

During the Pokemon GO fest event. Several trainers were able to catch different letter of the Unown Alphabet.

  • C
  • H
  • I
  • O
  • G
  • A

These letters were meant to be a hidden message that trainers were able to successfully figure out. In which they were Niantic’s Hidden Message At GO Fest.

When codes do become more of a daily use in Pokemon GO. It would be interesting to see Niantic use Unown as a way to share the code with trainers. We would have to work together to figure out what it is or means, then use it as the code.



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