Pokemon GO : How Prevent Over Heating

After all this new raids and gym rework pokemon GO is getting hotter and hotter but not in the way you would expect, its actually our phones that are rapidly increasing in heat.According to a number of complaining and concerned Pokemon GO player on Reddits The Silph Road, there are an incredible amount of players who are struggling with their phones overheating.

This as a result would cause the app to freeze and sometimes even your entire phone however, momentary stops to your gaming is only the small problem.This in general is not good for your phone and if you are a player who players the game for long periods of time, this can have a negative impact on your phone.So here today, I have managed to gather few points about how you can prevent the overheating of your device.

Tips to prevent phone overheating

  • Don’t charge your phone during Gym Battles and Raids
    As you’re probably aware, charging your phone increases its temperature dramatically. As Pokémon GO uses Unity for 3D rendering, the combined thermal output of charging, network usage and rendering 3D imagery can cause phones to reach dangerous temperatures and shut down.
  • Turn off non-essential background processes
    Turn off any background tasks and apps which utilities background processing for updates. This will improve your battery life, reduce CPU usage and improve long term gaming experience.
  • Stay out of direct sunlight
    This one is fairly straightforward. Direct sunlight will increase your phone temperature and make it uncomfortably hot to use. Not to mention that it’s not too healthy for you either.

Limit FPS on Android

Trainers with HTC, Samsung and Huawei phones can limit application rendering performance and lock their framerate to 30 FPS. Players have reported significant battery life improvements and reduced heat output, with the only downside being reduced visual fidelity.I’m not aware of any similar functionality on iOS, if you guys are aware of a workaround on iOS, feel free to share it in the comments section.

Quick Assistance

Remove your protective case some Trainers saw significant thermal improvements when they removed their protective case, as it kept the heat trapped and reduced the natural cooling properties of their phones.Some players have also tried Cold gel packs although cold gel packs certainly work, we’d advise caution while using them. Water condensation can occur on the surface that’s in contact with your phone, and thus water damage can occur. We suggest using a paper or cotton towel in between.



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