Pokemon GO: How To Enter Raids

Trainers were stoked to see the new raid tap once the update came out. Though, Many were confused when they saw they weren’t a high enough level. Raids weren’t out at the time. However, it was still pretty confusing to see trainers even level 34 were too low to enter.

 Thinking it was just a lock on raids until after gyms were fully released. That didn’t seem to be the case at all. Knowing that a raid ticket was still needed in order to fight a raid boss. A level cap shouldn’t be in place of not having the items needed to fight.
With many bugs still being within the recent coding. Some glitches are to be expected. Unfortunately, this level cap isn’t a bug. High-level players are furious with the decision Niantic had made. All though, it’s a well-needed testing field Niantic can’t allow all trainers to participate in. So they put a level cap on raids until all or most of the bugs are worked out.

While this beta testing is working its way around the world. Don’t forget to enjoy the new gyms and all the fantastic work put into them. The level cap for raids at the moment is level 35. If you are close, grind out the experience or patiently wait like the rest of the trainers.



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