Pokemon Go: Is Generation 3 Coming July 22nd?

The much-anticipated Anniversary Event has turned out to be a very terrible event, offering players one Pikachu with a hat and a “discount” box which is more expensive than buying the contents separately.

The backlash was so bad that The Silph Road, the largest Pokemon GO community on Reddit, had to shut down for an entire evening in order to manage it.

With a special event pass coming this weekend for the Pokemon Go festival, it has fans in speculation that Generation 3 Pokemon could actually be coming to the game, but why?  Though we’ve found evidence for Legendary Pokemon raid features and programs to help it run, we’ve found very little on gen 3 Pokemon.

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It seems like most of these blog posts and players claiming generation 3 is coming on…

this day are mostly referring to how bad of an event we received and how generation 3 Pokemon could save the event.  With Generation 2 taking a massive amount of time to create even with all the bugs, generation 3 being released this weekend seems unlikely.

Gen 3 is admittedly more complicated than Gen 2. It adds another 135 Pokemon to the game, and except for two new babies, none of them are based on Gen 1 Pokemon. It’s a tall order, and rebalancing is going to be very rough for developers.

Releasing Legendary raid battles seems more logical for this weekend as a release, due to all of the source code findings and evidence surrounding it, you know with developers saying it’s going to be a legendary summer and all. We’re definitely in for a punch on the 22nd, though don’t take it to heart if we receive nothing.




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