Pokemon Go: John Hanke Interview, Hints that PVP is Next Major Update for 2017

Last year, Pokemon go was launched into the world that took the world by a storm and there has stayed on one of the top grossing games of 2016. The summer of 2016 saw millions of fans of the franchise going out from their outs in search of virtual little Pocket Monsters.

Ever since then the game has changed a lot, we have seen additions of a lot of new features into the game, like Gen-2, New Berries, New- Catch Mechanics, In-game events and the latest on them beeing addition of competitive raids, encouraging co-op based gameplay.

Just a while ago, The Verge conducted an exclusive interview. The interview was a pretty lengthy one, there were a lot of takeaway points from their interview, about the current status of the game and the possible indication as to where the game is headed in the near future.

There are still a ton of promised features that were showcased in the original trailer, that Niantic says it is still working like in-game trading, PvP battles and much more. Also, they were additions made to the game which was seen as sort of a surprise like the addition of Gym Badges for instance.

This interview had been edited and condensed for clarity.

The current state of the game, and where it is headed in the near future?

To which John says, it’s been a wonderful year so far and they are all pretty happy with the initial rollout of the game. He goes on to say that they are constantly hiring new People to work on the game and make the game better as time progresses. He also mentions that the team is super excited about the interactive events they have lined up for the duration of the summer in Chicago, and Yokohama, and Europe.

On asking about the times, when they had to go off the official roadmap and go by the trainer’s feedback of the game. He says that there is a feature in the game that was not initially in the game, and they are being all a result of direct feedback received from trainers.

there are more changes coming, but the ones that we shipped this month were based on just watching how the mechanics around gyms played out. It ended up being heavily weighted toward the upper 1% of users, so gyms had become something that wasn’t really accessible to low-level trainers, and weren’t very dynamic in terms of there being turnover and opportunities for people to have a chance to have a Pokemon in a gym.

What do you think is the most important update or change you’ve made to the game with regards to keeping trainers coming back regularly?

Well to this, he goes on to say that gym raids update that was out recently. It really is the first new mechanic that gives people motivation to keep playing, to keep leveling up Pokemon, to continue to get out and be more active. Which is the ultimate motive of the game. Pokemon collection was something that was really the heart of the game, and it still is the heart of the game for new trainers. But the gym rework improves the game play for trainers who have reached a certain level. I think that’s the single biggest change because of that challenge and opportunity of fun that it presents to more experienced trainers.

On asking what the next major update to the game will be for 2017, he kind of repels the question but drops hints that there will be new changes made to the game’s code that will encourage trainers to battle competitively with each other. All that we could make out from it is that PvP battles will be something to look forward to in the future of the game.



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