Pokemon Go Latest Update Added New Stuff To The Game

Pokemon go had gone through many changes and few recent event.Pokemon’s Equinox event was over on 3rd October and EX raids are still being tested. But what community is most excited is “Halloween Event” with generation 3 release.

Recently Pokemon GO android players were forced to update PokemonGO to keep playing the game for the second time. As the history of Pokemon GO suggests force update always brings big events and new things. Whenever players are forced to update PokemonGO it’s usually a big change coming.

The GAME_MASTER file findings hint that Pokemon GO will hand out free items to those who receive invitations to canceled EX Raids, and will let players know if their EX Raid is canceled.The GAME_MASTER file also included two lines of code linked to Generation 3 Pokemon, the first referencing a new badge for players that catch them from the Hoenn region and another that relates to a notification that displays how much distance a player needs to travel with a Pokemon in order to evolve it.

There’s a new feature as well its called “Battle Teams” appear to be teams of Pokemon that players can set ahead of time for use in Raids and Gym Battles.This seems to be one of feature that John Hanke gave words in the recent interview with a Business magazine. This feature is something that fans have long been hoping will be added to the game since it will save time and override the existing auto-picking function that is generally quite flawed as it stands, and will increase in-game communication between players.

Players should keep note, that the notifications found in the GAME_MASTER file specify that Pokemon on Battle Teams will be cleared out if they are added to a gym. In order to get the most out of the possible new Pokemon GO feature, players will likely do well to keep their Battle Team offense-only.

In addition to the Battle Teams revelation, there is information that suggests Pokemon GO will do more to avoid EX Raid cancellations moving forward. These raids are currently the only way players can battle and capture Mewtwo, and they are only accessible through invitation. So when Pokemon GO recently canceled an EX Raid without notifying players in advance, controversy kicked up in the community.

And FINALLY most awaited news has come out Pokemon Go player community now can rejoice as the most awaited event of all time is here. Pokemon Go trainers have had the release date for the Halloween event 2017 on iOS and Android confirmed today by Niantic on official Pokemon site.Pokemon Go players will be able to catch Gen 3 creatures in this year’s Halloween event from tomorrow.

Gastly, Drowzee, Cubone are back along with Sableye, Banette, and a few other Ghost-type Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region.The rest of the Gen 3 Pokemon first seen in the Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire video games will hit Pokemon Go in December (according to sources).

The Pokemon Go Halloween event 2017 starts tomorrow at 12 pm PDT and lasts until November 2.Last year’s Halloween event was the first ever event held in Pokemon Go.This year’s event will also see a special Pikachu be released with an all-new Halloween costume.As previous leaks revealed, Pikachu family will be getting an adorable witch hat for the spooky event.



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