Pokemon GO: Legendary Catch Rate Increased?

Legendary Pokemon were released not too long ago. However, even though people were happy about them finally being released. They appear to be harder to obtain than what trainers were hoping for. Only having a 2% catch rate. This leaves trainers who weren’t at GO Fest furious.

Rural players again are part of this realization. It seems like they always get all the attention, however, we aren’t as lucky as people who play in larger cities. While it is easy for trainers in large cities to find a group to fight the hard raid bosses. Most rural players find themselves lucky just to participate in one of the several they had missed.

Imagine finally being able to complete a legendary raid, only to have that Pokemon flee on you because of its low catch rate? The amount of experience gained for completing such a hard task because you need more than 10 people to complete it. That’s just not worth the loss and heartbreak of a legendary Pokemon.

The good news is, however, results show these Pokemon now have an increased catch rate. Out of 20 rural players who fought Lugia, only 3 of them were able to catch it when it was first released. Today, out of 16 rural players, they were all able to catch Lugia.



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