Pokemon Go : Mewtwo Raid Guid

Most popular and amazing Legendary Pokemon MEWTWO is finally here as a raid boss.The most iconic Legendary Pokemon ever Mewtwo is here at last! It is giving me Goose Bumps to see Mewtwo finally making it to Pokemon Go. (Really it’s a fanboying moment for me.)In the city of Yokohama at the official Pokemon GO Stadium event. Mewtwo has been released as an exclusive Raid Boss for all the Stadium attendees, with a Boss Max CP of 49,430.

You get an exclusive Raid Ticket that is going to last only for 15 Minutes. This Raid Ticket will allow you to battle the might Mewtwo and have a chance to capture it. Now be advised this Pokemon is a lot harder to beat than Zapdos or Moltres. You can literally see people running all around the place to get a chance at beating Mewtwo.

Our latest reports us that Mewtwo has made an appearance at all the Pokemon Go Stadium PokeStops. After you are successful at beating the Raid Boss Mewtwo. They give you 50 balls as the base if you managed to miss that much. The catch rate is 100%.

Even though it seems easy right now, it’s not.So here I’m Helping you with an amazing Raid Guide to beat Mewtwo.

Mewtwo is a tough Raid pokemon with only 2 real weaknesses, like Alakazam but with much higher defense and even higher attack.  He has 2 different quick attacks, Psycho Cut and Confusion.

  • Psycho Cut is great on offense but terrible on defense due to it being a very fast attack.
  • Confusion on the other hand is awesome on defense while still being good on attack if a bit slow.

  • You can tell the difference between the two by how quickly the attacks are coming out and how big a chunk of your life is going away with each hit.
  • Big slow attacks is Confusion, smaller faster attacks is Psycho Cut.

Mewtwo is also equipped with 4 different moves, 3 of which are top tier on both offense and defense while the last gets a STAB damage bonus saving it from being total garbage.

  • Focus Blast is the first of the strong specials and arguably the strongest due to it covering Mewtwo’s biggest weakness: Tyranitar. It is a Full bar, 140 power fighting move and will hit like a truck on both offense and defense. Fighting moves are very strong in the current meta as seen with Machamp’s dominance of tier 4 raids and Focus Blast is an awesome fighting move.

  • Shadow Ball is the next of the strong specials and type aside is arguably the strongest special move in the game. This is a 2 bar, 100 power Ghost move, great against water and psychic pokemon. This kind of power is typically seen on bad single bar moves but seeing it on a 2 bar move is incredible
  • Hyper Beam is the last of the strong specials and is a nice well rounded special. It is a single bar 150 power Normal move. Rarely going to be the best counter against something but will rarely be a bad choice. This makes it great for clearing gyms!
  • Psychic is the last of the specials. It is not a particularly inspiring special move as a single bar 100 power move. Its awesome against Muk and Vaporeon but i don’t think anyone really cares.   This move is particularly bad on defense as Tyranitar will shrug it off due to his small brain size.




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