Pokemon GO: Mysterious Activity

In an interesting turn of events, Pokemon Go is being tested in China, after being banned in the country due to “national security and consumer safety”. Prior to the latest reports, there has been no in-game activity in the game for some time now.

Eric Ji was one the people who have experienced this first hand, in his Reddit post he goes on to say. He found some common Pokemon like Vulpix, Rattata to be present on the nearby list. He says that he has been on a month long trip to Taiyuan.

He has seen building and map features in the game but never has he spotted any Pokestops or Gyms on the road. After some time of playing the game, he reported that there were 2 Pokestops and a Gym on the nearby list, which then were found to be actual places of interest in Taiyuan. These sites were also verified as Ingress Portals.

On further exploring he found Level 2 Exeggutor Raids happening at nearby gyms. All the Pokestops and Gym were functioning normally and there were no teams actually occupying these gyms.

On his way to the Raid, the game nearby Pokemon disappeared and Pokemon started despawning. Soon after that, this was followed by Pokestops and Gyms being taken down, making the entire in-game landscape barren again.

During his short lived experience of playing the game, he says that his game was giving him a hard time. There were a ton of GPS issues that he was facing. While driving on the road, the GPS was not accurate and the map had some wrong features. However, for the most part, the game seemed fine.

It seems that Niantic is working towards lifting the “geo-blockade”, but again, it could be just a test site for something completely different. Who knows? However, we believe that Niantic has ironed out a lot of the previously reported security issues, especially with the new Pokestop based tracker, Raid curfew, and improvements to Trainer security. We could be hearing about an official Chinese launch (re-launch?) soon.



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