Pokemon Go : New Gyms and Pokestops Added By Vibhav Vibsz0

Pokemon go recently came out with this New Global Fest and Pokemon Safari also few weeks ago Niantic talked about Legendary creatures in “Pokemon GO?” Well, that was actually months ago. Interestingly, there are reports suggesting that the highly anticipated beasts are just inches away from the game.

Thousands of new PokeStops are appearing worldwide! Reports suggest that a new wave of additions (and conversions!) has occurred, with no specific targeted area.This comes as no surprise, given that Open Portal Recon is now available for Level 12+ Ingress players. In other words, the number of players reviewing portals have increased more than quadrupled since January.

We also stand corrected: previously, new PokeStops were added only on Tuesdays. It now seems that portals are becoming PokeStops on a daily basis. Same goes for PokeStop updates and type conversions.Our local area 2 new PokeStops have appeared and one of the old ones is now a Gym. How does it look on your end.

Pokemon Go’s summer of live events keeps growing. The popular mobile game announced that it would convert Yokohama Stadium into a “Pokemon Go Stadium” at next month’s PikachuOutbreak Festival in Japan. The Pokemon Go Stadium event will be a one day event taking place on August 14th.Additional details about the Pokemon Go Stadium are still unclear, but only Level 5 players and higher can participate, so the event will likely include raids.

Interestingly, Pokemon Go seems to be leaning into the Pokemon terminology and fandom a little more for these events. Their Safari Zone events took their name from a special area in Pokemon Red and Blue, while Pokemon Go Stadium hearkens back to the popular Nintendo 64 game that allowed fans to battle with their Pokemon in 3D for the first time.



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