Pokemon GO: New Information Over Gym Badges

Recently in one of Niantic’s recent note releases for the major update that is slowing rolling, it’s way out. Gym badges were announced. Though, not much is known about how these badges will work. Now however, with a recent APK mine. A little more about these badges has been released.

Gym badges appear to be able to be upgraded to the following tiers:

  • Vanilla
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

It’s still unknown what these tiers can do for you. Surely, it’s something worth your time, otherwise, they would be almost pointless. At least to have them upgrade as you continued to work and battle with your Pokemon of your choosings.

The way you can upgrade your badge is by winning in defensive battles. Meaning you should choose Pokemon that can hopefully hold their grounds. Feeding Pokemon berries, placing Pokemon inside gyms, and by winning raids.

With the APK for this update already being out. The new content should be available fairly soon, and hopefully, well worth the waiting. If you live in a large city. Be prepared to fight other teams to collect the unclaimed gyms first!



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