Pokemon GO New Update Is Here And It’s Gold

After a confusing update earlier that pretty much left us wondering has Niantic lost it’s mind, we received another app update earlier today.

Surprisingly enough this update has the most comprehensive changelog ever in the history of app updates. The 0.77.1 update has many crucial changes, including several significant bugfixes and a few quality of life upgrades.

Feel free to read though the official changelog, down here

A confirmation dialogue now appears when attempting to transfer costumed Pokémon.
Costumed Pokémon can no longer be mass-transferred.

Resolved a bug causing occasional network errors while battling in Gyms.
Resolved a bug causing Raid Battle lobbies to display the incorrect number of Trainers preparing for battle.

Resolved a bug causing the Pokémon selected in the Raid Battle lobby to be reset after clicking the items button.
Resolved a bug where some Curve Balls weren’t registering properly.

From the looks of it, this is a major bug fix update, deluxe edition update. As with our standard protocol our teams have performed a GAME_MASTER and APKMine for this update, and many client-side changes were found.

For the most part, most of these changes include stuff to do with the bug fixes that have been mentioned above, but hey there is ONE AWESOME NEW ADDITION FOR GEN-3.

Ok right let’s go through all the changes first, and save the surprise for the last, first off we have a new curveball modifier that is supposed to fix the bug that is causing, curveballs from not being registered. We have tested this on our Pokemon encounter simulator and it seemed to work just fine, real-world testing is still going on, we will let you guys know when we are done with that.

Next up, Niantic supposedly fixed a bug that has been plaguing users for quite some time now. If you have participated lately in a raid battle, don’t you hate it when you get into the raid lobby seeing there are sufficient people participating in the raid battle, only to find that the live count of trainers in raid lobby is broken, well thanks to this new update, it is supposedly no longer a problem.

There are other small little quality-of-life improvements, like new and better push notifications, if we start listing out all of them, this post might end up a lot bigger than we anticipated, we are going to make another post for it.

Moving on to the most exciting part of this update, we have found code support for various forms of Gen-3 Pokemon. Some Pokemon in each Generation bend the rules of how typical Pokemon are classified. Examples of this are Ditto, Unown, shinies, and thanks to Niantic’s approach, party hats, and other event-specific variants.

In Pokemon GO, special species that have variants have what are called “forms.” Before Unown could launch in-game, its ‘forms’ were added to the APK. Support for two new species’ forms has been added in the V 0.77.1 APK! Both Gen III species, they are:

Deoxys: where all 4 of its forms have been added

Normal Form
Attack Form
Defense Form
Speed Form

Castform: who has had 4 forms added as well


Introduction of various forms for Castform, seem to confirm that, we will be getting weather based gameplay which is pretty awesome as many Pokemon like Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza Lotad (and it’s evolutions) have an advantage in certain scenarios.



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