Pokemon GO Newest Gym Bug Is Creating Unbeatable Gym

Just when you think that bugs in Pokemon Go couldn’t get any better, a new worse bug comes to take its place. This new bug that was recently discovered at some place in Brazil could be crowned as a prime of how frustrating bugs in Pokemon Go could be.

What exactly happened is that there is this guy out there who purchased a bunch of Pokecoins at once. Then after that, the guy for reasons unknown canceled this credit card after his transaction was made. The guys at Niantic were aware of this and awarded him negative coins.

The negative PokeCoins were awarded to him, as a part of a mechanism from Niantic, to force him to pay the Pokecoins because if his Pokemon comes back to him, he will receive free pokecoins.

This mechanism has a few odd consequences. This gym bug is causing trainers to get frustrated. All the defending Pokemon in the gym ever come back to the trainers. These trainers are missing out on their opportunity of receiving their gym defender bonus.

Thinking about it, this case actually sounds weird. If he got Coins through the in-game shop, then his payment already went through and canceling his card shouldn’t be a big deal. If we assume this negative balance to be true and his insistence that it’s related to a credit card issue, our guess would be that the guy requested a refund of a Coin payment, but already spent the Coins. Therefore, the game would need to take back the appropriate amount of Coins to square his account. Apparently, this person is using an Apple device, unlike Google Apple has a different set of unwanted in-app purchase policy.

The payment was probably pending on his bank account, and Apple takes about 2 business days to process these payments. Maybe this person has canceled his card during that duration of time.

Trainers trying to take down the gym always get kicked out and they are unable to beat this gym. Effectively making it the greatest gym in the world. The gym became useless because of one guy.

There have been other reports of a similar incident. This one comes from Brunswick New Jersey. It annoying a ton of Pokemon trainers as this particular trainer has multiple Pokemon all along a park. Now that must be seriously annoying.

I Hope that Niantic looks into this issue and probably fixes this as soon as possible and trainers can use some extra coins. Got something to add to this story? Let us know in the comments section, let’s get a discussion going on here! Anyways guys, have fun out there catching Pokemon and never pogo and drive.

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