Pokemon GO: Niantic’s Hidden Message At GO Fest!

Although GO fest wasn’t as big of a hit as Niantic was hoping for, the developers didn’t have any shame in hiding a message within the Pokemon able to be caught at Go Fest. The way Pokemon GO fest turned out wasn’t all of Niantic’s fault either, so no hating on their very first Pokemon GO Event!

For those who know or even membered that the Unown Pokemon are actually letters of the alphabet might have already been looking for the hidden message. Unown was greatly increased at the Pokemon GO fest, and why shouldn’t Niantic have fun with the widely used messaging Pokemon?

The hidden message didn’t take to long for fans to figure out, however, what if Niantic did something like this for their redemption codes? More about this will be covered in another article. But think about it? Being able to work as a community to solve a code for rewards?

Either way, while most of us couldn’t enjoy the little-hidden secret at the Pokemon GO Fest in CHICAGO the only letters of Unown that were increased at the event were C, H, I, A, G, and O. Glad to see Niantic putting Unown to use like every kid’s dream in the old Pokemon games that never really happened.



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