Pokémon GO: Players Are Calling To Have A One Legendary Species Limit

This week Niantic will finally give fans something that they have all been craving and that’s Legendary Pokémon!

However, not all fans are actually totally happy about this, with some trainers demanding that there should be a cap on how many Legendaries each trainer can have.

After going through the topic on Reddit’s Pokémon GO forum The Silph Road, I soon started to understand why players want a one species cap.

“I think it would be silly to be able to have 50 Mewtwos in my inventory. I’d really like them to make it so that you can only catch each legendary once.

“There are some problems with this. First thought was about IV’s, I think the solution could be to have everyone’s legendary be the exact same.”

“Everyone could be given a Lvl 20, 100% IV, with 15 candies to start out, and then every time they do the raid after they could be given additional candies to continue powering them up.”

“Not only do I not want to be able to have a team of 6 Mewtwos to fight gyms with, I really don’t want to have to farm the legendary raids and be stuck getting 50-70% IVs every time,” said one player on The Silph Road.

With that said, many players soon started to agree that a team of Legendaries is too ridiculous to go up against, also it will undo all the hard work Niantic has out into their gyms.

Because of Niantic’s raids and gym rework, we have seen a larger variety of Pokémon used in both, which is great as most trainers were sick of seeing the same five Pokémon all the time.

However, if trainers can have many Legendaries, it will mean that all gyms and raids will be filled with them, which will greatly reduce the variety of Pokémon we go up against.

Therefore, it makes sense for Niantic to put a cap on how many Legendaries each trainer can have at a time.



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