Pokémon GO: Players Want Sardust From Raids, Not Revives

As all Pokémon GO players would know, Niantic has given us a lot in recent weeks and have also promised us a lot more to come.

However, there are many players out there who are still not happy with everything we have been given, (some people can never be satisfied) with player wanting more from raids specifically.

At the moment there are a number of Pokémon GO players on Reddit’s The Silph Road, that have expressed their desires for more items.

The items that they seem to want the most is Stardust, with many trainers agreeing that they would prefer Stardust, over all the revives that they are reviving from raids.

These players feel as fi they already get enough revives from Pokestops, and instead want something more useful.

Now it makes sense for us to be given more revives, as we now have more interesting gyms and raids being added to our game however, there are many who prefer Stardust over the revives.

The reason for this is because these players also feel as if they have lost a large source of their Stardust income, due to the gym revamp.

“ My inventory is stacked with revives and I find myself discarding them, then getting 20 more from a raid. So I propose that instead of raids dropping revives, they drop stardust instead,” said one player on The sylph Road.

This is only an example of one player however; there are many who agree with these views. Stardust is a detrimental component to the game and should be included in some form, through raids however, it is not.



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