Pokemon Go: Pokestop Streaks Having Problems

Ok so ever since the gym rework was rolled out the entire Pokemon Go community has been going bonkers over it, many trainers who have abandoned the app have now started reappearing, as the game was brought back to life, thanks to the much-needed update.

Seven Day Streak Rewards are Buggy

Hardcore fans of the game were quick to point out that there are many release date bugs that still need to fix in the game, like the absence of the seven-day spin bonus rewards graphic. This absence was restricted to certain groups of objects like the evolution items like Dragon Scale, Upgrade, and others.

Many people argue that this is just a visual bug, and you still get those evolution items, these items get successfully listed when you try checking out your trainer journal. Players have noticed that the usual evolution item guaranteed from the seven-day streak reward was missing from the items that appeared after spinning. Luckily, it seems to just be a problem with the graphics. And this absence has not been fixed in future builds of the game, that was supposed to fix most the bugs.

Considering how many major changes were rolled out with this update, this is really a minor bug to slip through. All of the core mechanics work and players are able to log in, so that’s as much as any Pokemon GO player can really ask for.



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