Pokemon GO: Possible Gen-3 Regional Pokemon

So, folks, there are rumors are floating around that Niantic will be launching Gen-3 Pokemon as a global reward to all the trainers worldwide on successful completion of the phase 3 catch challenge.

Without any further delays let’s get started with regional Pokemon list now, shall we?

In the third generation of Pokemon, there are not many regional exclusive Pokemon, but there are special Pokemon little Ditto and Smeargle. That might have a different spawn mechanics than the usual Pokemon. In gen-3 there are only two Pokemon that could be classified as

Regional exclusive, First among them is Tropius, which is a combination of Grass and Flying Type Pokemon. Though it might look intimidating, it is not much of good attacker in the original games. The estimated maximum CP of Tropius is somewhere around 1850. Which is kind of a bummer.

As the official Pokedex entry for Tropius says that the Pokemon is mostly found in Tropical climates, so we can expect the same for Tropius. On the neck of this giant beast, it looks like Bananas grow. The major countries that banana exports are China, India, Philippines, Brazil, and Ecuador. Looks like Tropius is going to be a Tropical Pokemon overall.

Another one regional exclusive Pokemon is Luvdisc, this is cute little Pokemon that is not strong, though I would love collecting this Pokemon. The official Pokedex entry for Luvdisc state that, this Pokemon loves Warm Oceans.

So this Pokemon will most likely have spawn patterns similar to Corsola. That means all tropical countries will get two regional exclusives now.

Speaking of Special Pokemon, We have Spinda in Gen-3 that will have unique Pokemon sprites. The Pokedex entry for Spinda states that no two Spinda’s are alike. Going on with the trend, we expect that wild Spinda will have unique spot patterns and that there will be a medal attached to it.

Also in Gen-3, we have two special Pokemon Lunatone and Solrock, both of which are Rock and Physic type Pokemon. That’s a good combination of moves actually. These who Pokemon are polar opposites to each other representing night and day time spawns respectively.

In gen-3 we have special Pokemon like Wailmer and Wailord, these are special whale species of Pokemon. Although Whales are commonly found across the world this Pokemon might fall under the domain of seasonal Pokemon.

It is a know as a fact that whales begin their annual migration in the sometime late autumn where they travel great distances and reach warmer seas in the Pacific. This might be something new to Pokemon Go. This special Pokemon will spawn in the Pacific regions for only for some time during the summer months and will have other different spawn patterns during different months.



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