Pokémon GO: Powerful Magikarp’s Dominating Raids Everywhere!

All right so when you say the word dominating the last thing you usually think of is Magikarp however, you may need to from now on.

With Niantic finally giving fans these new raids only recently, it was likely that some trainers were going to find some strange things however; this was unexpected.

According to The Pokémon GO forum on Reddit called The Silph Road and other social networks, many players are stumbling across Magikarp’s in raids and as Gym defenders, as gyms are finally back online now too.

Now usually Magikarp is a useless at best Pokémon, who is described to be the Yamcha of the Pokémon world.

However, there are now a bunch of these strong CP Magikarp’s in defending areas, which is making trainers want them more than usual.

Yes Magikarp does have his uses, especially when he evolves into one of the coolest Pokémon there is in Gyarados however; that’s usually his only use.

But don’t worry these strong Magikarp aren’t catually too strong, it’s just that they are a lot stronger than usual.

According to the trainers who are finding them, it is still easy to take them down however, if you are a low-level player you may struggle (yes, I did just say you may struggle against a Magikarp).

For those who have stumbled across them this is what they ha dot say “I used my 3000+ Rhyhorn and it was pretty easy. and yeah I caught it. Caught cp is 119. Down from 1165. And I got a rare candy and 3 golden razz”.



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