Pokemon Go: Raid Bosses do not Scale Down!

Ok so, this could be potentially an early release bug, but there is a strange disturbance in the Pokemon Go community, that started concerning many trainers. Recently Niantic opened up raids to all trainers who are above level 5, which is like almost 98% of the Pokemon Go’s player base. And now the problem beeing reported is that Raid Bosses do not Scale Down for lower level trainers.

Launching raids are now available to everyone. Ok, so there is this new thing that is going around that the lower level trainers can now catch Pokemon that are beyond their level when they catch a raid Pokemon. This effectively makes lower level trainers obtain level stronger lv 20 Pokemon, even if they are at level 5. This in a way a breaks the game.

From empirical correlations, we have already verified that after you beat a raid boss, you can catch a raid boss Pokemon, which will have have a reduced CP which is equivalent to that a level 20 Pokemon.

In the game, it’s know from the beginning that you can encounter a wild Pokemon with a maximum level that is equal to your current trainer level. I know this might sound confusing, so I am going to make this a little easy for you. Imagine you are a currently a level 10 Pokemon trainer. So whenever you catch a wild Pokemon, it’s level won’t be greater than 10. These making sense to the game, giving trainers some sort of motive to keep motivated to keep on advancing through levels and capturing stronger Pokemon.

Now that the new raids have opened up to all trainers who are greater than level 5, if a level 5 trainer beats a higher tier raid boss reportedly they can catch higher tier stronger Pokemon like Tyranitar, Lapras, Gengar, Alakazam.

Ok so what’s wrong if lower level trainers catch stronger Pokemon, there is nothing wrong in that right? Well, not everyone thinks like that, Many higher level Pokemon Go trainers have worked really hard from day-1 to reach higher levels and catch stronger Pokemon. This new change breaks the entire purpose of the game, helping currently lower level trainers catch stronger Pokemon relatively easily.

I believe that this is an early release bug, and lower level trainers will get scaled down raid boss Pokemon. That ‘s the only way you can restore balance to the game.



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